EmBraCe YoUrSeLF

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 21.14.37           I'd like to call this the weirdness project.

So, from a young age, I’ve always known that personally i have the potential to be an absolute weirdo, and I’ve always been quite insecure when it come to showing people who I really am. Then one day I bought the brightest of the brightest red lipsticks which I was inlove with. I wore it everyday all the time, but only when i was in the house- although it has no relationsip with my utter madness it sparked something.
I lay in bed one thursday night and decided that the next day I was going to be abit confident, push myself out of my comfort zone and wear it to school. This is where that spark came in, I was so nervous that morning, because I don’t usually want to stand out in social/busy places, but I knew the red lips would draw some attention. Spent my whole morning stressing about wearing a little colour on my lips, debating on whether to take it off or not, even though I adored it and thought it looked nice. I didn’t take it off. That day, the number of compliments I got, made me feel so happy inside it, as i said above, seemed to spark something in me.

I began to wonder why the hell I was terrified of going out in something that made me feel good.

Then I realised that I have always been scared of going out and being who I truly am, I hid the best most excitable part of me that made me feel good, through fear of being judged by others. This red lipstick triggered something in me.

At the end of the day I think we all have that side of us that we love but are slightly scared to show, but we are all  humans, we are all made up in the same way of the same things so what gives us the power to judge others who are EXACTLY the same as us.

who cares what any one thinks if it makes you happy then you do it!

look out for blog posts!

-maya x