About me

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.12.26Maya C.

Student.  A* sleeper.

full time unicorn.




I’m  too a human. surprisingly, I’m also a girl. I’m 17, from London, meaning I love tea and scones and all the other stereotypical British pass times, such as avoiding social contact at all costs, sarcasm, saying sorry every chance I get going to have afternoon tea with the Queen, but she lets me call her Liz.

Anyway, welcome! I hope you are just as weird as I am, because weird is what I like

Weird is my middle name, so I wanna use this to embrace my true self my weirdo and I want you guys to do the same if you feel you aren’t being your ‘true self’ .

Also, to put some of my stories/poems because I love writing them, you can also find them and more on my watt pad which I’ll mention below.

So this is like just my personal space- THIS IS MY BRAIN! Welcome.

One final thing,

my instagram: Mayacuthbert

Twitter :(I think is) mayacuthhbert

wattpad- Where you’ll find any stories I wrote on here and more- @mayacuthbert99



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