About me

IMG_9551Maya Cuthbert.

Student.  A* sleeper.

Curly Gurl. Full time Unicorn.


Hiya, I’m 18, a what I call curly girl, from London, meaning I love tea and scones and all the other stereotypical British pass times, such as avoiding social contact at all costs, sarcasm, saying sorry every chance I get and going to have afternoon tea with the Queen, but she lets me call her Liz.

I’m a goofy, sarcastic piece of shit, and I love myself like crazy! I’m a really wordy person so I apologise for any waffling I do. I’ve tried to do this blogging things many a time as you can see by my random posts from years ago… but I actually want to try it. And I want to promote myself shamelessly and see where it goes!

Weird is my middle name, so I wanna use this platform to embrace my true self, my weirdo. And really to just talk about life and uni and boys and stuff.. I plan on posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then hopefully a couple of extras here and there, purely because University is becoming very demanding and a post a day, although it works when i’m at home, has been tried and failed at uni.

I’m not great at about pages, talking about myself isn’t my favourite thing to do, but welcome to my blog, where I shall reveal the inner workings of my mind *insert mysterious music*

This is like just my personal space- THIS IS MY BRAIN! Welcome

Also, go check out the coolness that is me…

my instagram: Mayacuthbert

Twitter : mayacuthbert

wattpad- Where you’ll find any stories I wrote on here and more- @mayacuthbert99

uhm, yeah, okay bye!


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