5 things to do at home…

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well during these weird times. There’s nothing that I wish more than for these times to be over.

I can not wait to feel the joy of giving hugs to my most loved family and friends, to feel free to walk through Tesco’s without having to stress about having 2 metres distance between myself and the person in front of me, and the one on my left and the one on my right and the one behind me and to feel calm whilst approaching people I’m about to walk past on the pavement… I am sure you are feeling the same.

It would be a lie to say that these past few days have been easy; I think there is importance in acknowledging that right now it is okay to not feel okay. There is a large sense of uncertainty, and a huge feeling of confusion amongst the masses, and naturally this will cause us to become anxious and feel low (I know it has for me at least).

So I thought I’d write a list of things we could all try during this weird time 🙂


Get your body moving. There is a huge range of research, of which I am sure I have mentioned a lot recently,  that tells us how important exercising is for reducing feeling down and feelings of stress. I challenge you to once a day go for a socially distanced run or walk with a member of your household, or even to go into your back garden at sunset and do some yoga (what ever you feel comfortable with). But try and set yourself a fitness goal- mine is to be able to do a lap around my university campus without stopping. Now is the time to push yourself ❤ giphy.gif


The other day I was really stressed, and somebody pointed out to me that now is a great time to focus on the things we don’t get to focus on when life is hectic. So why not go and sit in your garden, or on your door step and do some painting, or write a script, or learn a new language, or start a blog? We have all of this time that we won’t get again regularly, why not try something new! Who knows what we can learn about ourselves.


3. TALK 

This one is so so important. As I said above, there is a certain importance in recognising that it is okay to not feel okay. I urge you not to be alone in this time, call loved ones, reconnect with old friends; SHARE HOW YOU ARE FEELING. Contact those who you know are alone and check up on them. Listen to other people and help them, and allow others to help you. Don’t be alone in how you are feeling.



This is a lot easier said than done during a time where you don’t need to be up for anything (like work or school). But keep setting an alarm, especially during the week, and come up with a daily routine (even if you come up with a new one for each day). Start your day, eat breakfast near a window or outside, set up one room as your workspace; use this space to do uni work, or work-work, and nothing else (do not use your bedroom). Take regular breaks, make sure you get outside each day and move your body! Have set meal times, and try to go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day.



Once again, this is one of those unique times where we are having to spend a lot of time in our homes; and that’s okay! I’m sure everyone has something that pops up in their mind when they think about what they have been wanting to try for a while! Now is the time to try it, again and again- in fact the more times we fail the more we can perfect the craft we have chosen. I have only just thought about this thing to try; so I don’t have any examples. But do something that you can, within reason, try that has been a daunting thought, and master that thing. Do it so that when this is all over you can show your new skills off to all of your friends!


Most importantly, although it is hard do practice mindfulness, and positive thinking. Surround yourself with positive people (be that virtually if it can not be physical).


Sending love and hugs


Maya xx

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