Recommended Reads.

Sometimes, I find myself lost in summer. In the past I have spent summer feeling a bit lost, or even bored and I think that this summer I found the one thing that could have been missing.

I decided to use the summer to do some self-help and growth. I felt like I had lost a bit of myself during a stressful, up and down second year of university- I also learn a lot about myself in the past year, things I want to work on, improve and get better at. So I decided to pick up the good old habit that I used to love doing, while I had no other distractions! Reading! Both books with a story- which we can all, always take something from, and developmental books. Both types I adore.

So, I thought I would recommend my favourite 6 to you guys 🙂

The top, and favourite book is one I have mentioned before- It’s not much of a self help

art of racing in the rain.jpgbook, but it is my favourite book of all time. My granny suggested this to me a couple of months ago, and lent me her version of the book. I loved it so much that when I gave it back to her I ordered my own copy and re read it!

It is called ‘The Art of Racing In The Rain’ by Garth Stein. I am hoping to see the new movie that has just come out in cinemas. Narrated by a dog himself, telling us the story of his owner’s life, including all the ups and downs. It is a great light hearted read that one will struggle to put down!


desert flower.jpg

Last week, I finished a really eye opening book called ‘Desert Flower’ by Waris Dirie . A fantastic, non-fiction book, written by, now supermodel, Waris Dirie, who grew up a Somalian nomad. She recounts her life, starting off living a simpler life with her family in rural Somalia, experiences circumcision at age 5, ran away from home to avoid arranged marriage at age 12, came face to face with a lion, and how she eventually came over to England and 4 years later found her feet in a modelling job. Just like the book above, this is another book readers struggle to put down. The story is one to remember, and learning how she has used her story for the better good is even better.



Another, good one, especially for those interested in Psychology and Psychoanalysis- is

called ‘The Examined Life’ By Stephen Grosz . This is a great book, looking at how we find


out things about ourselves in the times we’d least expect to. Split in to 5 sections-

Beginnings, Telling Lies, Loving, Changing and Leaving; and 31 short chapters, this book recounts different patients sessions with Dr Stephen Grosz (the psychoanalysis). This is what makes it an easy read! You can pick up the book, read one chapter, and then leave it for a week, and be able to read the next chapter needing no context. On top of that, there will always be at least one chapter that we can all relate to- obviously not exactly, but can still take something from.


The next thing on my list, and the start of my self development books is ‘The 5 Second 5 second ryl.jpgRule’ by Mel Robbins. This book was fantastic. When you first think of the 5 second rule, lots of minds spring instantly to the food oriented 5 second rule. In short this five second rule is kind of similar, the 5 second rule gives everyone the courage and confidence that they need. and it works! Basically, whenever you feel a hesitation or a worry to do something, count backwards from 5 to 1 and do the thing that is worrying you before you get to one. If you miss it, then you may not be able to do it as in that time your mind may have been able to convince it’s self of completely not doing whatever you don’t want to do.


The Fifth book I want to suggest, is one I read on holiday. It is called, ‘Body Language’ by Dr Glenn Wilson. I still pick this book up from time to time, they say it is good for

body language.jpg

learning how to develop nonverbal intelligence. Honestly, I just wanted to learn a bit more about body language. This book proves very interesting, and actually taught me some things about how important the way people act, behave and position themselves actually is. It not only teaches you how to catch out lying, stress or attraction, but it also helps you understand nonverbal messages like facial expression, even hand movements! and best yet, how to succeed in things like presentations and interviews!



My sixth and final recommendation, is called ‘Assertiveness’ by David Bonham-Carter. This book is good for me, it helped me to consider how I communicate my worries, or


frustration/anger to people, and reconsider how I should be doing it. I can be quite bad at holding my tongue sometimes, and it has been something I have wanted to work on for quite a while, and reading this book has provided me with some great first steps. Not only did it help me develop some skills for better asserting myself, but it also helped me to beat certain negative thoughts that intrinsically wiggle their way into my thinking when I’m wanting to express an anger, and opened my eyes to some other things that I think could do with some work on.



So I hope at least one of these has caught your eye! If not, (I’m writing this in August, so I should have finished these by now and would recommend), I am currently reading two other self development books if you wanted to check them out- one is called ‘This book will make you confident’ by Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar, and another one called ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck’ by Sarah Knight. I have finished neither, but so far would recommend them 🙂


TOP TIP: when buying books on amazon, ALWAYS, double check the ‘new and used’ section just below the amazon price- you can sometimes find some amazingly cheap deals on the exact same books.  If you look in the example below- instead of  buying the paperback version of a book for £12.49, you could buy a used one (which is always in pretty great condition) for half the price. Better yet! Look at the hardcover version!

new and ysed

Have a lovely day!
Talk soon,

-Maya x






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