Burn Out

This summer I experienced a great deal of burn out. Some would call it an introvert hangover- and while I’d probably class myself as an ambivert, I can suffer a great deal from introvert hangovers.

Burn out is not something enjoyable and sometimes we don’t even know we have reached it until we are exhausted and not sure why.

Personally, I experience burn out after spending a lot of time around lots of people. I think if there is one thing i would tell people around me is that I can be full of beans when i’m around them, but the minute i stop I get very tired (like I could go and sleep for like 2 hours), very grumpy and short tempered, i’m more sensitive to sound and it can unfortunately sometimes take a toll on my mental health, I can become very low and tearful, my anxiety can intensify and I overthink EVERYTHING. It is never because of who I was around, and believe me I love every second I spend around my friends and family, I can just now recognize that to avoid feeling like the above, I need to do certain things.

During summer especially, i feel there is a pressure to meet up with everyone and see everyone and do everything and anything whilst you have the freedom, and so burn out can be really prominent.

There is one week I can picture in my mind, where all I wanted was just a day to sit in my thoughts, in my room, not really talk to anyone and just take control- maybe do some reading, tidy my room or organize some area of my life- because in order to get my energy I need to just spend some time alone recharging.

My #1 tip, is to tell your friends and family that you like your alone time. I have learnt the hard way, if you don’t tell your friends and family they may take you wanting your space to be you saying you don’t want to pursue such a relationship with them.

Tip #2, make sure you recognize when you need some alone time, and make sure you don’t over do yourself. Like drinking, know your limits, so that you know you are spending enough time with your friends and family, but that you have a balance. Knowing when to go, is good for both parties, you are enjoying time in each others company, but you are also preserving some energy so that you don’t become cranky which could make both parties feel upset.

Tip #3, do things that you want to do, with people you love. There is no need to waste energy on doing things you don’t really want to do, or people you don’t want to spend time with it is okay to say ‘No’, if it is for your mental health’s benefit.

#4, if you’re in a situation where you can’t go to your room, or go for a walk, you could try some simple self soothing, or allow yourself to have a day dream. If you feel you need some quiet time, maybe go to the loo, even if its only 5 minutes, at least it is some time to yourself where you can just let your mind go blank.

Numero #5, it is okay to just pencil in a day, to put on your comfiest pyjama’s, watch a movie, or some funny cat videos. Even better, pick up a book and have a no technology day. Do whatever feels better for you. And if you spend a whole day snuggled up on the sofa, or in your blanket burrito in your bed, in the name of recharging and helping yourself – then that is okay!



Anywho, it is time for me to go to bed!


Talk later!
-Maya x


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