3 things to remember when watching Love Island

With the recent start of summer reality TV- Love Island, lots of questions surrounding mental health have risen. 

Love Island, if you haven’t heard, is a TV show on ITV2. Around 12 singles are invited to a fancy villa in Majorca for their summer. This involves them having to quit work, put their lives on hold, hit the gym – or their local plastic surgeon, to get them prepared for the camera filled summer ahead. They are immediately challenged to couple up with each other on their first day – based purely on looks, and whether they stay with them, or find someone else to crack on with, is what brings the excitement to the show. 

Reality TV shows negatively represent society. A recent piece of research has found that we watching tend to believe what we see on TV as being how life really is, or how our lives should be like.  Our favourite reality TV shows, from made in Chelsea, and even love island, which portray the amazing side of life as how all life should be, are either wholly scripted or partially scripted – therefore they can not accurately represent reality. 

While these TV shows are great evening entertainment, it is good to remember a couple of things while watching Love Island…


1. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but the people who these show’s invite on, all have quite a similar look- big boobs, big bum, small waist, bikini and heels, or huge muscles, clean haircut, the tiniest swimming trunks. We should appreciate the beauty in everyone, but we should not compare ourselves, or our bodies, to these people. Fun fact, the people who are going on Love Island this year have all spent a long time committing themselves to crazy amounts of workout routines and crazy small diets – while this helps them to gain the look the show wants them to portray, this is not a healthy speed to achieve that look. 
2. While this show works well for these singletons to find love (mostly for the short term). This is not an accurate representation of how love should be found. Don’t lose hope, if at the moment you have been dating and can’t find a person that is for you- you still have so much time. In the outside world, Love can not be found so fast or intensely as when living in a villa with that person for day 1. 
3. The people you are watching on your TV, are people just as much as you are. Whilst watching these shows, and being mindful of our own health, we must also remember that they people we are watching also have thoughts and feelings. Humans are almost hard-wired to judge each other, but please, if someone on the show does something wrong don’t immediately take to twitter or Instagram to talk badly about them. In light of the recent deaths of past Love Island stars, we should remember to treat them just as we would want to be treated, remembering that they also have feelings, make mistakes, and are probably sensitive about the things you are pointing out.

On another note, very new and exciting, I have been given an amazing opportunity to be a part of the bloggers pool for Young Minds – a website that aims to help Children and Adolescence who are struggling. Aspects of this very post is going to be featured in their upcoming post, and hopefully many more pieces of writing from me ☺️

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