Bullet Journaling

As an update for my wanting to change my life in 365 days, I have begun a process of journaling.

I have always been obsessed with notebooks, and journals, and those journals you can buy in paperchase that ask you questions and stuff. But I have never been able to keep that kind of thing up, because I like to decide what I work on, and I want to decide what each space is used for.

In knowing this, over the Christmas holidays (Yes 6 months ago) I did my research into Bullet Journaling, and since starting, it has become my saving grace. Bullet Journals can be as personal as you want, and it does as much as you want it to.

You can use any notebook as a Bullet Journal, but I asked for a dotted paged notebook, Dingbats D5023GY Wildlife Medium A5+ Hardcover Notebook - PU Leather, Micro-Perforated 100gsm Cream Pages, Inner Pocket, Elastic Closure, Pen Holder, Bookmark (Dotted, Grey Elephant)and I got this one ! I would highly recommend any from this brand, the notebook has a  lovely front cover feel, on top of that the pages are of very good quality, and it’s a nice size . Obviously you don’t have to get dotted pages, you can get lines, squares, dots or plain paper.

As I said, Bullet Journaling is what you make of it, I decided on somethings I wanted to achieve and use the journal for…

They are (1) creating and upholding new habits, (2) tracking where I am spending my money, (3) looking at and tracking my mood , (4) to better my self, get to know myself again and have my plans and ideas in one place and (5) improve my mental health.

With the help of Pinterest, my bullet journal Is set out monthly. This means that I track habits, my mood, what I do and my finances, with a page in each months section. I do this everyday.  Best thing honestly!

I urge you to buy a notebook, any kind it can be a fancy swanky one or one from Poundland, just make sure you like it and think it is pretty! I will post some photo’s from mine, but honestly if you search bullet journal (or BuJo) page inspiration on Pinterest, wow, the ideas are abundant and amazing!


But honestly, it is so enjoyable, I have noticeably improved in my mental health, not necessarily my finance, but definelty also my physical health and focusing on the positives in each day as opposed to the negatives.

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