exam season is looming

Once again we have reached that point in the year when EVERYBODY, not just university Students, but also GCSE students, A Level students, every kind of student there is, is anticipating the start of  the dreaded exams. Mock exams, or actual exams – all exams should be prepared for properly.


So once again, I have come up with a couple of things you could try if you don’t know where to start:


#1 create a list of everything you need to go over- it might be best to do each subject on a separate piece of paper, or colour coding it so you know what is for what exam. Include everything, start with all the large subtopics you need to include, and leave some space after each. Then come back to each large subtopic and consider what things within that subject you feel you know really well (and write these down in one colour, green for example). Then take another coloured pen, maybe orange, and write down things you are okay In but it wouldn’t harm going over them, and finally get out your red pen and write the things you really can not sit your exam without going over.

Your goal is to move all of the red over into the yellow and mostly green colours.

Don’t feel intimidated by this list, make sure you start early so you have enough time to focus on each topic, including some time to still go over some of the green topics. 

 #2 go to wilko, or poundland and pick yourself up a weekly planner – with space under each day of the week. Or better yet, print off a calendar from todays date covering right up until your very last exam. Now using your colour coded lists, write one of every topic into each of the days. Say you have 3 subjects (e.g. English, biology and Psychology) or 3 modules (e.g. cognitive psychology, biological psychology and research methods), write down ONE topic for each within each day – no more than one of each.

If there is one thing I learned while revising, it’s not to overload yourself with the same topic, and also not to do so much one day that you are absolutely exhausted the next. Make it manageable for you.

#3 make sure you make time to get out of revision mode. You should be scheduling revision into your day,  NOT scheduling your day into your revision. Wake up early and do your days session before the day has evens started and then don’t think about revision for a while, if you feel this is not enough then don’t come back to it until the evening. But please don’t just coup yourself up in the library or your room, make sure you get out and spend time with friends and family.giphy


#4 If there’s one unfortunate thing I can guarantee it is that you will get stressed. You will feel it, and when this happens the worst thing you can do is continue working and stress yourself even more. Realistically when this happens you are not working at your best and will most probably get nothing from that revision session. So when you feel that stress-y little  voice, stop what you are doing and go for a walk – even if it is just down to the corner shop, indulge in a chocolate bar. Or watch something funny on youtube, and then go back to your work with a fresh and more relaxed mindset.giphy


#5 be confident in yourself. Once it comes to the day of the exam, there is nothing more that you can do. You have revised your hardest, you have done your best- anything you know now you know, don’t stress to revise over it before you go in. You know more than you realise, the adrenaline you feel in the exam will enable you to do better than you probably initially anticipate, even if you walk in feeling like everything you’ve spent the last 3 months revising has just been zapped from your mind. I promise you will be okay. Just remember – deep breaths and positive thinking.


Goodluck to all those sitting exams in these coming  months. And remember, they are just exams, where as you are a beautiful and special human being, these grades will not define you.  Infact in a couple of years time, they probably won’t mean as much as you might think they will – for example, my GCSE’s were an immense stress to me (I even damaged my wrist because of the amount of revision I was doing) but now I am at university, it seems they don’t hold much meaning.


Anyway, positive thoughts, believe in yourselves and goodluck!raw

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