Random Thoughts… overthinking???

I think, as human beings, we are very good at bringing each other down. Which in turn causes us to bring ourselves down… even if that is really secretive.

I personally am a victim of over thinking, and allowing  thoughts to ruin how I view myself and how I view the world, because let me tell you… I hate this world almost as much as horrid henry hates being nice.

Similarly, I am definelty not my biggest fan – which is really hypocritical of me… because I come on here and I preach all things self love, and yet I still can’t seem to practice what I preach…  Don’t get me wrong, I am surrounded by AMAZING people, who never fail to remind me how beautiful I am, or how kind/caring I am… even people who, and God bless them, reassure me that I definelty have not put on weight when I feel the size of a whale. I don’t want them to feel that I am not listening, its just down to my own personal insecurities.

I think everyone has their days when their Confidence is rocketing. Its sky high. 


And other days, where a little reassurance from the world wouldn’t do any harm.

In this way, and much like how I spoke about random acts of kindness a  few posts ago, telling people that they look nice, telling them that you care about them or miss them or love them, is just the positivity that we ALL need in our everyday lives.

I don’t think I can emphasise the importance of supporting each other, be that supporting something they do, or supporting them and making them feel better about themselves – even if you don’t want to watch their youtube videos sometimes, or if you don’t actually like the skirt they are wearing. We should be supporting others just how we would want others to support us with the things we want to do with life.


Because at the end of the day, we are all biologically the same.. nobody is above anyone. So why shouldn’t we act that way. As a human race, we all need to help each other, being a supportive ‘mesh’ for each other, so that nobody feels that they are less than amazing.


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  1. Honestly this world sucks so I completely understand what you mean. I strive so hard to make sure that I am being a positive light because the negatives really have us beat out here. Self love is something that has to be consistently practiced. I can be my own worst enemy and put myself down the most at times. It’s hard, but you are beautiful. I am glad you have people who let you know that on a regular basis because when I was at my lowest my surroundings pretty much kicked me down and nobody was there to tell me I was wrong about myself. I love your blog and how real you are so I appreciate this transparency here about your raw thoughts. Great and relatable post love!


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