What i learnt and am learning from long distance friendships…

So I’m writing this, or I’m beginning writing this on the 15th of March 2018, which marks 4 years since one of my best friends Charlotte moved from out little London borough all the way over to Georgia, America! And i have learnt a lot about friendships just from this move. Aside from the odd skype call, I have seen her yearly, but only in few week chunks, since she left.

Alongside the obvious, this huge transition to university, going from seeing all my other amazing friends everyday, to seeing them once or twice in the holidays- if that. These things, whether its moving country or moving out of home to go to university, put a strain on friendships from home. But i have regardless learned a lot from such. It is something you have to expect as life develops.

I have learnt that, especially from my friend who moved to America, you don’t have to talk everyday, or even every week, in fact I know there have been times where we went months without hardly talking to each other… because as our own individual lives develop and grow in separate directions we lose time. But regardless, whenever we speak and when i see her, its as if it were 2014 all over again and she hadn’t even left.

I have learnt that you cant stop people from moving on. Not that my friends have ‘moved on’, but obviously with any change as those above, it involves creating new friendships. Just as you will make new friends, they will too! It doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten you, friendships are the backbone to anyone’s life.

You always have somewhere to stay, be that at university halls or at a house 3,000 miles across the world.

When in long distance friendships, there is no time to fight, and to be honest nothing to fight over. Its not worth it, especially when some forms of communication is hard to depict.

In all circumstances when you reunite with someone it is a magical and heart warming moment, filled with happiness and tears and joy all at the same time. Like a breath of fresh air.

There’s always new gossip, and new thing’s to talk about that’ll lead to reminiscing and nostalgia which in itself is a wonderful thing.

The main thing I have learned in both the last 6 months of uni starting and the last 4 years, is that long distance friendships are hard, but they are so damn worth it. I regret that some long distant friendships haven’t always worked out well, but I guess that’s just life and while it is upsetting at least I got to experience friendships with the amazing people I have done- people who have really helped mould me into who I am today!


  1. One of my best friends in the whole world lives miles away. And we haven’t seen each other in almost 4 years but we’re still best friends. We don’t talk every day. Sometimes we go weeks without communicating but our friendship is rock solid and we both know that! This is an awesome post! And so relatable.

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