Mental Health Monday #1

Hey guys! I have long been wanting to do a thread on mental health as I feel like as time goes on, more and more people are feeling more open to talking about their own personal mental health issues and this is an amazing development.

In a world where mental health is awfully stigmatized, I think all it takes is for people to educate themselves, and not to feel shame when they go through a time where they need help. So I decided to start a mental health thread, to talk about my own issues, and ways of coping with mental health issues, and all things mental health! And I chose Mondays!!

So every Monday, I shall be posting a post that is based on mental health! This post is more of an intro post! I wanna let you guys know the sort of thing’s I’ll be talking about! And if there is anything you want me to talk about, drop me a message or a comment and let me know, because I would love to post anything you want to read about!

So with no further-a-do, in no particular order

  • The stigma and controversy surrounding mental health
  • Mental health can affect ANYONE and EVERYONE, and the stats
  • my personal story
  • I’m really interested in getting people to do guest posts, you don’t have to have a blog or anything, just drop me a message! You can talk about basically anything that surrounds the topic! It could be your story, or any tips you want to share! You will get all the credits, I’ll link all the accounts you want me to link and so on and so forth! I just feel like this would be great.
  • things to do to enhance wellbeing
  • tips for coping with a bad day
  • symptoms to look our for if you think someone is depressed
  • the power of talking and/or therapy
  • negative triggers I avoid
  • my issue with 13 reasons why
  • adjectivising mental disorders (using mental disorders as adjectives)
  • self love
  • everyday stress
  • healthy coping strategies

These are only a few, I’ll come up with more as the weeks roll on! If you can think of any that you want me to write, let me know and I’ll try them out!

Again, if you would be interested in doing a guest post then by all means !

email me –

dm me on insta – Mayacuthbert

or drop a comment below and we can sort something out!

Until next Monday, I thought i’d just leave a couple of TED talks that relate to mental health that I would recommend watching! (obviously you don’t have to)

  1. There is no shame in taking care of your mental health – Sangu Delle
  2. The voices in my head – Eleanor Longden
  3. Depression, the secret we share – Andrew Solomon
  4. How meditation can reshape our mental health – Sara Lazar



But yeah! This was a very short but sweet post! I am very excited for the Mondays to come!

so excited

Talk later!

-Maya x



  1. Hi there Maya!

    This is such a good idea, and the more people discussing mental health, the better! I’ve had a read through your blog and can see that you have a fair bit of advice for improving wellbeing and managing mental health, and it’s so refreshing to read work with a truly individual voice. Humour is much appreciated when discussing such a serious subject, and you’ve balanced the arts of reflective honesty and keeping it light hearted!

    Off Your Chest is a site dedicated to building a community on shared reflections, creative work and advice surrounding mental health and self-management. It would be amazing to have you as a contributor; there’s loads of ways to do this, it could be that we shared something you’d already posted (like your Mental Health Monday posts) or something entirely original, whatever you want to say!

    If you’re interested, get in touch through the contact form on our site.

    Looking forward to welcoming you to the community!


    Off Your Chest team

    Liked by 1 person

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