Everything in life is a blessing or a lesson

Life is great at throwing its fair share of highs and lows at us, always. There is no escaping what it throws, and not much control over what it throws.

Each situation life throws at us, be it good or bad, will affect us and how we go about life and dealing with it. The way we allow things that are negative to affect us and our wellbeing is completely up to us. In the past I have been good at taking negative situations and allowing them to get the best of me, and looking back it helps me to understand why I am the way I am now. I was good at not being at peace with the things that life throws at me, and this was very unhealthy for my mental health.

A couple of years ago I went through a break up, and initially (as everyone does) I allowed it to let me feel like the world was ending because I didn’t know any better. However, something inside my told me that I needed to fix up. Something told me that everything happens for a reason. And I know, its a bit of an odd situation because when in secondary school such relationships aren’t promised. But after realising that actually yes, everything does happen for a reason. And this caused me to go through a period of great self-reflection. Looking at the relationship NOT as wasted time, but as a situation that helped me learn more about myself, about my likes, my dislikes, what I want and what I wouldn’t want in a future partner. It made me look at how I act in certain situations, and just reflect on who I was before and who I wanted to be. Thinking back, I was someone who didn’t have much of a voice, I was good at allowing people to walk over me, and I wouldn’t have learnt that if it weren’t for that situation I went through.

Even various memories of certain bullying situations. And while yes I definitely let what others say affect me and my mental health drastically over the course of secondary school. When I look back at that experience, I know that if I hadn’t encountered those situations I wouldn’t be who I am now.

As the title of the blog suggests, I do believe that everything in life is either a blessing or a lesson, some may seem like a blessing at the time, but there is ALWAYS something to learn from every situation we find ourselves in. There is always something to learn about ourselves, but it can also teach us about the way others work and why they did certain things.

Life is much deeper than we realise – in my eyes, and I don’t like looking at it simply off face value. If that was all we did then life would be carnage. Acknowledging the pain, or any kind of emotion, that a situation makes us feel, and using that to reflect on ourselves and get to know ourselves based off how we react to that situation, the more we will develop and the better life will turn out for us all individually.

Be proud of your story!!! It is what makes you who you are!

I can strongly and confidently say that living by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, and that each of these things is either a blessing or a lesson, definitely makes life easier and much more positive. Since adopting that belief, life has honestly become easier to navigate around.

Only God knows what kind of blog post this is, but I hope you have enjoyed it!

love you

Have you ever tried to think like this when life becomes a bit confusing and unexpected? Do you think it is something you’d like to adopt more?


Talk later!

-Maya x


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