My looks

Over the last 18/19 years of my life (depending on when i post this) my looks have been the one thing that’s managed to consistently plague me. From a young age things from my nose being to wide, my ears sticking out too much, my tummy being bloated or my body just not being ‘right’, i am now sick of societies ever changing standards of how people ‘should’ look.

It has been an immensely long journey, from days where i wouldn’t leave my house with my hair up through fears of being mistaken for a boy, to wanting to go on a diet and never upholding it and then beating myself up about it for failing, constantly worrying about what people were saying about me and what people thought about me. I am sick and tired of it.  and i can firmly say after two years of working on it solidly, i like myself a whole lot more.

and I really want to encourage you all how amazing you are, regardless of looks! WHO you are, is what really counts- not WHAT you look like!

I have found that the things I personally do not like about myself, are the things that others really like on me. It is okay to ask people you’re close to if you look good! I personally am not very fond of my nose, but others have been quick to tell me how much they love my nose!

Don’t let what people have said to you or about you in the past, distort how you see yourself! Don’t even give people like that your time of day!

Wear clothes and style your hair that make you feel good about your self! sometimes the fake it till you make it method really does work! If you ‘act’ like you’re the sexiest beast on this planet you will eventually believe it too and walk around being the sexy shit you are!

SMILE MORE! this is something i need to take up doing more of! I saw recently on a website, that smiling actually does have an impact on your mood! Something that i want to try and do more, for myself.

I think my top top tip is to define yourself in ways that don’t involve how you look! Why? Because you are a whole person! you are more than just how you look! Maybe you are intelligent, you are kind, you are caring, maybe you’re loving, or sporty, or good at painting! Regardless! You are more than just how you look!

You can’t rely always, on how you look, another Bible verse for ya !

Proverbs 31:30 ‘Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.’

BEAUTY IS FLEETING! The way you look now won’t be the same as how you will look in a couple of lives, however WHO you are doesn’t change so much so let that shine through! Let that be your beauty. Let your inner beauty shine through, and infact, let it outshine your physical beauty!!!!!

Talk later my lovelies

-Maya x



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