Nearly Finished The First Year!

So, as exams draw ever closer, and the end of the second and final semester of my first year draws closer and closer, I just wanted to take some time to reflect on all that I have learned about myself, the world and the way adulting works.

In comparison to the stress of A levels, university (for me) is light work, I love it. I love the independence that comes with it and the fun of having whole days off lectures, being able to decide what I do and what I don’t do in these days. Which sometimes, yes can be VERY counterproductive, but also helping me learn more about the ways I learn and what I need to do for myself to uphold my own well-being!

I’m going to be frank, these last 6/7 months have taught me a SHIT TONNE about myself! University has allowed me to flourish and grow into someone I am so confident in, in someone I am so secure in being. It comes with such joy to say that!

When you don’t have a stove or an oven, and the food from the cafeteria isn’t fantastic – you’re bank account will slowly drain because of either (1) the number of takeaways you order, or (2) the amount more food you buy each week to make up for the missing food in your stomach! Basically, no matter how much money you have as a student, you’re always going to end up poor. By the third/fourth week I’m always scrimping for money.

If I had any advice for any future fresher’s that are reading, you must enjoy yourself at uni! You have reached a new stage in life and in growing up! Make the most of each and every moment at university. Don’t miss out on the important things, missing a couple of lectures here and there won’t be awful, but if you get into a dangerous cycle of  skipping lectures and losing attendance marks to the point where you can’t do an assignment – which i must say, i have slipped up on, then you are only playing yourself! You pay all of this money, go to your lectures! Get the education you’re paying for.

Take from uni what you want to get from it! You have loads of opportunities at university that you probably didn’t get at school and that is what is fantastic about university. Meet as many new faces as you can, get to know who you are and what you want from life! University, from what i have learnt, is the prime time for you to learn about yourself and flourish! It is growing up time!

As i said in a previous post, live your best life! If you don’t like doing something, don’t do it anymore. Get a part time job, try everything out and find YOUR niche in life!


Anyway! Talk later

-Maya x


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