‘Every Moment Matters’

I got a box for my birthday that says ‘every moment matters’ on it. This inspired this post because it is really making me think about life and how sometimes we catch ourselves taking advantage of a life that is very much as fragile as a balloon with a pin being pushed into it.

Life, is given to us – and thus taken from us. Unfortunately, we shouldn’t believe that we are invisible. We don’t know when life is going to end, whether we will make it to the end of today or whether we reach 100 years old. But regardless we shouldn’t let this hinder us and how we live our lives. So, what I say, make plans, do crazy things, aim to do or at least try out everything you have ever wanted, get out and see this world. Don’t worry about material things, look after yourself, your wellbeing, and get out EvilUntimelyIbis-size_restricted.gifthere in the world. Whether you have one friend, or you know everyone on this planet, it doesn’t really matter so long as the people you surround yourself with make you feel happy and joyful. If they don’t help you enjoy life, and vice versa, then are they worth it?


Recently, the realisation that every moment matters hit deep. Anything can happen to anyone, at any point, it is not predictable. Every moment, everything we do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, matters and will affect someone, life can change in the blink of an eye. I’ve always worried about be yuo girl friend.gifgoodbyes, the fact that nobody knows when the last time you’ll say goodbye to someone is, so I always aim to have positive goodbyes, even if a person and I aren’t on the best of terms and while it may be slightly selfish, sometimes selfish is just what you have to be.

Every moment matters for you, and for the people around you. So as the saying goes, you should live your best life, and help others to live their best lives too! To do what YOU want, not to follow the footsteps of other people’s lives, living out another person’s life- live your own life, do it how you want to do it!


Talk later!
-Maya x


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