19 things I’ve learnt in 19 years..

So in less than 24 hours I will have been an official ‘grown up ‘ for a year and have hit the mediocre age of 19… where you don’t have the excitement about being 18 and being able to do all these new things, and you are not 20 or 21… you are just.. plain old 19.. It is a bit like being 17!

And to be completely honest, as with every birthday I feel no different to how I did 2 weeks ago! But in my short 19 years of life, I have learnt some very valuable lessons!

  • Number 1 –  Don’t take nonsense from anyone, if you have an issue speak up and let it be known.
  • Number 2 – Some people will dislike you and that’s all good. They’re missing out on knowing the amazingness that is you!
  • Number 3 – Self love and self appreciation are all that matter, without these things life is very hard to navigate through.
  • Number 4 – It is okay to not know what you are doing with your life, at this age i am still undecided on what job I want to do, it took me until May to realise that i didn’t want to go to any of the original universities i applied to.
  • Number 5 –  Living everyday to its fullest and making the most out of everyday possible is so important ! Getting to know the world and nature and loving the blessing of life.
  • Number 6 – TALK. When theres an issue, whether you’re feeling down or happy or excited, tell someone! Let it out! Don’t hold things in because it will only hinder your outlooks on life.
  • Number 7 – Spend time and appreciate loved ones, be that friends or family. They are so important, let them know you care and love them all the time.
  • Number 8 – Don’t ever let someone have enough power in your life that you feel you can not live with out them. Unless of course it is family! But either way, don’t become so dependent on others because most people are not permanent.
  • Number 9 – You can’t experience life through other people, live YOUR life, how you want to live it! Don’t let the way others are living their lives dictate your life and how you live it.
  • Number 10 – Life is too short! If you don’t like something about your life… change it.
  • Number 11 – Your mum and Granny are right. Going out with wet hair will cause you to catch a cold .. go and dry it.
  • Number 12 – Life has its fair shares of low or boring points, but the good, happier parts are what make it worth while. Appreciate those days.
  • Number 13 – Be a little selfish sometimes ! Sometimes you need to do things for yourself and not worry about other people. Make some time for yourself and use it to grow and flourish as a person.
  • Number 14 –  While money is a good thing, if the way you are obtaining it doesn’t make you happy – if you have the option to quit then quit – life is too short! Also do not let money and branded items become your whole existence.
  • Number 15 – The people you surround yourself with have a power over how you view yourself and your life. Surround yourself with good positive people.
  • Number 16 – Social media is dangerous.
  • Number 17 – Appreciate nature, appreciate the world around us. Turn off your phone and go for more walks!
  • Number 18 – your 18th year is the year everything changes and you suddenly have to grow up, growing up is harder than it looks but it is sooo fun!
  • Number 19 – STRESS LESS. It is hard to implement this, but somethings are just not worth stressing over, unless it is absolutely life changing, do not stress about it. its not worth it!!


Have a lovely day! Talk later

-Maya x


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