Snow: the new marmite?

At the end of february, fluffy white stuff began to fall from the sky and it was utterly amazing. To look at anyway, its so cold.

It is one of those things that I both hate AND love.

I love that it is a symbol of individuality, changes and transformation and/or new beginnings, it really does encapsulate a fresh, maybe even new, start. There is something very very peaceful about snow, how it falls, how it settles, and suppose the calm and quiet it brings as it brings the UK to a standstill! Almost as if it has something to teach us..

(wtf is she on about)

But I hate that it is cold, that it stops the UK from functioning properly and that it is almost March and the temperature hasn’t even started to think about increasing.


But anyway, we decided to go and take some photos, we decided to use the Instax mini 8 poloriod camera!

if you are interested here you go!

If I were to do a February favourites post, it would be that camera – even though I have had it for two years now, and the snow – because even though I hate how cold it is, and I don’t like it when it becomes slush, it came on a day I felt quite down and in some magical way brought me back up.

*the magical power of nature my friends*


Talk later

-Maya x


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