No one is Getting Out of Here Alive.

I’m not going to lie I stole the title from a blog post I saw whilst scrolling on twitter, I didn’t actually read the post but I really loved the title, so here we are.

I just wanna talk about how short life is, and how much some of us, in fact all of us, take it for granted. We ‘live life’ – we do things, as if they can’t completely obliterate us. Or we don’t do something that would be a fantastic opportunity… or we are mean to ourselves, mean to others… all for what?

We are all going to end up dead.


With everything we see in the news, and even things we witness in our own everyday lives, all that can really be gathered is that this world is in a state… and is absolutely awful.

Everyday there is something new in the news, and although it seems distant.. when it becomes ‘too close to home’ is the only time we start to stress. Which is, in a way good for us, but bad for the world.

As the ‘most intelligent species’ on this planet, we are fucking stupid. There is more negativity in this world than there ever will be positivity – and it stems  from US.


Why do we find ourselves constantly fighting each other… Looking back at history, there has always been something, that someone wants and is willing to kill for, whether that’s boarders (that invisible line that divides two countries), or gold, or oil or whatever…

WE ARE PATHETIC. (I’m sorry I’m just very angry at the world right now)

Nothing agitates me more than how much we let social media rule our lives. I myself fall victim to the hold social media has on our western society.. and the way it affects me, and I’m sure the way it affects everyone else, it dangerous. We need to stop allowing social media and COMPARISON  from bringing us down!


We need to stop the comparison, we need to stop being fucking mean and we need to start appreciating every day  we are given and the AMAZING world we live in.






rant done





  1. You’re so right. I’ve been pretty angry at the world lately myself. It just makes no sense how self absorbed we act as people. And I feel like we just shorten our lives by treating ourself and others so badly. Love this post.

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