HOW TO have fun at uni when you have no money…

A couple weekends ago, my friend and I were sat, as bored as can be, in our little bedrooms… we tried anything and everything to think of something fun to do..


*crickets chirping*

We were so bored, we were almost going delirious.. I don’t ever want to have to experience that again, and so i am now… in my boredom, trying to think of fun things to do at uni.. when your bank account has hit rock bottom.

One of the things we tried was a series of no mirror challenges.. we did a no mirror pore mask challenge, and then a no mirror make up challenge.. and these are all fun and games until you peel off the mask or spray the setting spray for a final time. But it a start!

Unfortunately, we don’t have an oven in our halls, otherwise I’d roast a chicken whenever i got bored.. but if you’re one of the lucky ones, cook something! bake something! get creative with your leftover foods.

Depending on the time and weather, go for a walk with a friend! Find something new and exciting!

The other day my friends got very creative and created a bowling alley down the corridor using bottles from their bedrooms and a football. They drew a score board on one of their whiteboards. It was a great way to numb the boredom! So i suppose, a major thing to do is to get creative!

Maybe you could start a new series? Or you could watch a movie and play drinking games, my friend and i tried to do that when we watched shrek a couple of weekends ago.

drink when…

when you see a bear

when an ogre is angry/agitated

when donkey suffers as a consequence of shrek being romantic

when someone says ‘Lord Farquaad’

when someone says ‘swamp’

when Fiona transistions

drink whenever Puss makes cute eyes


Re-decorate your room! Make sure its the shit, the best room in the flat/corridor! Even change your bedsheets, print out some photos and stick them up, depending on your options, move your room around, change what is on your shelves! Or you could just tidy your room to be fair.

And last but definitely not least, and most certainly my favourite one, go to the kitchen and get something to eat – that could be toast, or just bread… if you’re lucky enough to have an oven, you could bake a cake, but  to be honest, just eat something or make some tea… because then there’s 2/3 things to do! (1) meal prep (where you will probably eat something else), (2) eating  the food you just cooked and (Possibly 3) washing it all up!


I must say, living in halls is actually not all i expected it to be! contrary to my prior beliefs, I’m only tired because i sleep so much (not because i go out too much). I’m always eating because my food doesn’t really get stolen, only lost a cookie, a plate and a knife… and we are always finding ourselves reasonably bored. Maybe because there’s nothing to do, but also maybe because I’m a lazy shit who can’t be asked… who knows.


Talk later

-Maya x


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