Positive Thoughts

I’ve always been fascinated with our minds… the way it works and what it does.

There are all sorts of thoughts, there are positive thoughts, negative thoughts, plaguing thoughts and my personal enemy intrusive thoughts. All serving a different purpose and all under our control and simultaneously not so.


POSITIVE THOUGHTS are my FAVOURITE things! As I’m sure they are your favourite too! Sometimes they are all that fill our heads, and other times they are very hard to come by!
I really want to try and get into the habit of thinking positively, even when I’m in the worst of moods. Maybe even get a journal and do a gratefulness journal, where at the end of each day I write one thing I was grateful for in the day just passed, in order to keep positive thoughts there in each and every day! Gratefulness is an amazing gift that we can possess, and if we even try to incorporate it into our everyday lives, it will really help us to keep positive.


NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, are thoughts that we all get, and they are not awful, so long as they can be kept tame. So long as they don’t go on for too long and get unhealthy, whilst unpleasant they are very, very normal things.

My top tip when it comes to negative thoughts… is distraction. The last thing you should do if you start having negative thoughts is sit in them for too long, and especially if you sit in them for too long on your own. Go and sit with someone, talk to someone, put on some music- some happy music, go for a walk in a park or the woods – there is something so amazing about nature and it’s effect on one’s mood! Do some mindfulness – headspace is an amazing app which is free and offers 10 free mindfulness sessions, i would highly recommend! Honestly, sometimes the best thing to do is to tell the thought (out loud – yes SAY IT) to ‘F*ck off’. raw.gif

INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS are, as I said above, my worst enemy! They can be small, niggling things, or they can be extreme thoughts that trigger other thoughts like blimmin’ anxiety.

I have struggled with rather distressing reoccurring intrusive thoughts that are triggered by negative thoughts. I was told to imagine it like a train, allowing the thought to come in and watch it leave, taking a couple of deep breaths and calmly allowing the thought to pass because the more you fight it, the worst it will make you feel. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone, and talking about it although it may feel uncomfortable will help you overcome it, and find a way to cope with it!

Positive thinking can truly turn your life around! The hard truth is that being a slave to negative thoughts will only bring you down and not leave you in a good place. You have to, HAVE TO, find ways that work best for you to cope with these things. We have to all learn to change how we look at life, because when looking through a positive lens life is so much easier to navigate around.giphy.gif


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