Running out of ideas…

So recently I have started running out of ideas of blog posts that I can post!

I don’t want to stop blogging but i may have a break for maybe a week or so, to come up with a list of potential ideas and write them out.

Writing them is also an issue i have, having so little spare time at university it is hard to find the time to sit down and write a post edit it, ensure it is good enough.

Give me some time, and I’ll be back with some awesome posts, also any suggestions would be fantastic!


Maya x



  1. Hi Maya, we all feel this at one time or the other. Having day jobs and/or being in school also gets in the way too but one can strive a balance always. Have you thought about doing a 30 day blog challenge? Its in my plan for next month. You can google it and get some ideas from there! Happy blogging and have a fab week!

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