Adulting is hard!

I have officially been at uni for 5 months! Meaning I have been looking after myself, living independently and boy has it been difficult.

From budgeting to doing my own shopping, to getting my first ever job! It is actually so different, and while I ADORE IT, I have found it to be a lot harder! I have created a list of gifts (yes for you to gift yourself) When adulting gets too much *this is applicable to any adult of any age*

Get yourself some stickers, so you can reward yourself for the small (but important) things you have accomplished- You can get these off amazon, but I’m sure they are available elsewhere:


Better yet, I am a proud owner of one of these, a mug that reads ‘I can’t adult today’, for those days where you take the day off work and just sit in bed with your tea/coffee/double vodka lemonade/whatever you drink from mugs.cant adult.jpg

Take a break from adulting, with this portable, amazing, slam dunk toilet game!slam dunk.jpgJokes aside, adulating is hard sometimes! And life is tiring, it is so important, that when we start to really feel like life and adulating are getting a bit much, that we look after ourselves. That we have a laugh. That we pamper ourselves a bit. That we go on holiday. That we take a break, even if it is only for 10 minutes and just embrace the moment. Whether you are 18 or 99,  adulting can be exhausting and we have to just stop and look after ourselves.

Buy some facemasks .

Take a day off work.

Try something new.

Get a take away.

Treat yo self.

Phone a loved one.

Take some deep breaths.

Delight in the small pleasures life throws at you!


Talk later

-Maya x




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