Why I decided to start a blog…

So it has now been just over a month!

I absolutely adore blogging.

Including the support from the blogging community, the support from my family and my friends!  You’re actually all amazing!

Initially the thought of having a blog scared me, knowing that everyone who I know and love would be reading and whether they wanted to or not, subconsciously judging my writing. But as I’ve actually gotten into it, I have really only enjoyed it!

Aside from the stress of not always knowing what to write about, this has been an awesome space for me to express myself in a way I may not actually be able to in ‘the real world’. As most people will know, and have said to me, I’m reasonably hard to understand, and I am a very much a closed book, and so many people have told me that since reading my blog they feel like they’re gaining more of an insight into who I am, where I can’t voice how I feel or what I think, I can do that when I write.

unnamed[2].jpgI have been wanting to start a blog literally since like, year 7. I tried out a YouTube channel, I also started multiple blogs but gave up after a couple of weeks every time. It was Christmas eve of 2017, and I was feeling somewhat unfulfilled… something reminded me that starting a blog is something I had always wanted to do, and perhaps instead of just starting one, I actually planned it out- and here we are!

If you have considered doing something, and you still haven’t started it I honestly suggest that you do it! If it doesn’t work out, then at least you tried, and in the future when you do it again you know what not to do!

I’ve always loved writing, and being creative and have always wanted somewhere to put this creativeness, and this blog is the PERFECT place for me to put it all. I guess I could say I use it as an outlet, where I can write better than I can talk about certain things! Also because I feel I have gone through somethings that I want to use to show others that it is okay to express yourself, its okay to not be okay, and so on and so forth.


One thing I must say, is that I have not created this blog for the sole purpose of making money, in fact I’m not even sure how I’d go about that.. but if I were to be bale to in the future I mean I wouldn’t complain! But for now it is such a fun hobby, and way to express myself 🙂


Thank you for such amazing following

Talk later

-Maya x



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