My Guide For A Fun Night In

I’m not sure who else is in this boat with me. But when faced with the option to go out when I know I’d much rather stay in and just have a chilled, less expensive, less loud, laid back night in.

I’d rather be in the company of my friends and a film and a pizza, half the time. asdfosidifj qghpDon’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going out sometimes! I love the atmosphere, going out and having fun with some good music, a couple of drinks and my favourite people, but then there’s the gruelling matter of getting back at 3/4am, having a hangover, waking up at like 3pm wondering where the day went and even missing lectures (dun dun duuuunn!?!?!?!?!)

As much as I love that, a night in, without any FOMO is something I’d much prefer to do! FOMO is something that at the beginning of University, was ever present! It plagues you for the first few weeks of University, but as you start getting comfortable, you know that if you miss a night out your friends will just catch you up.

Here is my guide to smashing a fun night in, either with yourself or with friends.

  1. GO TO THE CORNER SHOP- buy some popcorn, some chocolate, some ice cream. Just snacks, get tonnes of snacks and some fizzy drinks/wine/water whatever your drink choice is.snakcs
  2. GET INTO YOUR PYJAMAS- put your fluffiest pyjamas on, your slippers, tie your hair up, and get a blanket. Have your snack at a close proximity so that you can access them easily!
  3. PUT ON A FILM- If you’re lucky enough to have a tv in your room, if not just use your laptop. If you have neither, then before you have your night in, go to TIGER or Urban Outfitters, I think Primark might do these too, get a projector for your phone! Get creative. Either way, watch your favourite film. 
  4. Better yet, if you’re with friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend, START A NEW SERIES!!! There’s nothing funner and more exciting than starting a new series with someone else, even if its trash! My friend and I have done this, there is a series on Netflix called ‘Frenemies’  every episode is about a friendship break down, and it ends usually in a fatality, but it is good trash. We love it.
  5. If you are in the company of others, GET OUT SOME OLD SCHOOL GAMES. Play monopoly, cluedo, even ludo! Play games you would play as children, have a throw back night! Board game nights are a huge hit with me and my friends from home, we used to do them all the time!
  6. Before your night in, go to Boots or any local drug store, and buy some face masks, some treatments, a new nail  polish, get a couple drinks and have a little SPA NIGHT – a good way to unwind after a long day!]img_09891.jpg
  7. Finally, this is something I have been wanting to do. Hold an EXCHANGE PARTY! It is a good way to save money, and still get new things! I’ve always wanted to have a book exchanging party with my friends, I used to be a huge book worm, but as I’m not a student, buying a £12 book is unfortunately not in my budget, so this would be ideal when I need a new book! Similarly, a clothes exchange party, where we swap clothes we don’t want anymore- ONE MAN’S TRASH IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE!


I hope this has been helpful! And I hope you try some of these out, if you like me would prefer to stay in than go out.

Talk later!

-Maya x


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