January Favourites

Good morning!

Welcome to the last day of January! I decided to try out a January favourites blog post, which I am assuming is a post where I tell you about the things I have used/bought in January that I lurve and would suggest you use!


So my first, and forever top favourite thing of this month is a life saver. No literally… my epipen is my most favoured thing of this month, no.. this year.. maybe even my life!

All jokes aside though, without this I don’t know how I’d survive! I absolutely love my epipen, its always there for me just in case I make a mistake when I eat something, and it sure does give a rush of life while waiting for an ambulance.

You can get these prescribed from your local GP/Accident and Emergency unit, if you get an anaphylactic shock to a certain allergen. (Meaning that unfortunately I can’t send you a link)

IMG_0949 My next January favourite is actually something that I got Christmas from my sister and my niece! These nail polishes are actually amazing! The colours are so pretty. The larger one came alone, and the two smaller ones came as a set, where the sparkly/sequin one goes on top of the cute shimmery one!

As I said I love these colours and if I had the option to constantly have these on my nails I would!!!

IMG_0952My next January favourite is this Curls unleashed green tea and mango Shine & Define Mousse! This IS amazing.

This one is for all you curly girls out there! Every morning, after wash day that is, I wet my hair a little, and put this in my hair. It is a light, pleasant smelling mousse that defines your curls and controls frizz as much as a mousse can do. It is an absolutely amazing thing, I must say I swear by it.

IMG_0932These leggings, with the orange stripe down the leg are also part of my January favourites! They are £15 from PrettyLittleThing . The navy, high waisted ‘contrast’ leggings.

Since beginning to go to the gym more often, my friend Faz (in le photo) and I invested in some more gym wear, and we opted for Pretty Little Thing’s sports line. These leggings are so light weight and flexible, so for sports they are awesome. I’m also just a sucker for anything high waisted, so these are just a 10/10.


My infinity watch, from Debenhams. I actually got this for my 17th birthday way back in 2016… but regardless, when I moved to uni in September I lost it! And then when I came back from the Christmas holidays, I remembered to bring it back! A whole new novelty! It is a life and time saver. It is perfect and I was incredibly excited for it to make its debut at my not so new uni!


THIS CREAM GIVES ME LIFE!!!! The vitamin E moisture cream from The Body Shop .  For those of you who also have horrendously dry and unruly skin… this may just be the new cream for you!

In fact anything from The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, is a must get for anyone and everyone! Or atleast a must try!


These shoes are also featuring in my January favourites list, the PLAYDATE highheels from asos. They are absolutely adorable, and sooo comfortable and easy to walk in!

Cute for any occasion to be honest, dinner, lunch, birthday.. or even my personal favourite, just wearing them around the house for the sake of wearing them.


MY PHONE >>>>>

another forever favourite!!! Safe to say that just like my epipen, this is probably something I need to carry around with me all the time.

It is a matte black iPhone 7 plus, also another Christmas present, but defo a favourite object of this month.


This book, ‘The Best Yes’ by Lysa Terkeurst. She is an awesome Christian writer, this book, alongside anything else she has written,  is a good book to pick up and just read. Applying certain life situations to God’s plan for us.

This book is all about saying Yes to God, ‘The Best Yes’.

IMG_0959Another must have hair product!!! By Revlon professional – its is the coconut hair treatment.

Another thing I use on my hair a couple of days after wash day. It has 10 benefits on the hair, (1) repair for dryness or damage, (2) Shine and frizz control, (3) Heat protection, (4) silkiness and smoothness, (5)Hair colour protection, (6) Easier brushing, (7) detangling, (8) long-lasting hairstyles, (9) Split end prevention and finally, (10)adds body.

While it doesn’t do all of this for my type of hair it does help me to style it when it starts to get closer to wash day! I’d suggest this for most hair styles, rather than just curly hair *I’m not a hair specialist so I’m not 100% sure* But it’s a hair treatment, and what hair doesn’t need a treatment every once and a while.


Last but not least, this has a lot of emotional value for me! Every year my family and I go and see a pantomime (I have three younger brothers).

This year we went to see Jack & The Beanstalk in Wimbledon, and we took one of my really REAALLYY (can’t even emphasise it enough) close friend Imogen.
We went the night before  we went back to university for second semester.

it is most certainly a January favourite, because we had a lovely evening that night. And considering she was the first person I saw when I got back it was only suiting that she was the last person I saw before we went back! (I miss her so much and she knows this – I hope with all the paragraphs I send her)

I hope I haven’t botched up the true meaning of January faves, but I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this!

Talk later

-Maya x



  1. I hear you on the epipen – I discovered I’d a peanut allergy in my mid-teens and it’s quite severe. My doctor was fascinated to learn that I suffered from nut asthma and eczema! Loving the leggings as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great idea to do a month favourites list! This just reminded me that it’s seriously time for me to get new nail polish! I’m OBSESSED with the colour of yours! And as for The Body Shop? Well I’ve been dying to get my hands on some new products of theirs, maybe I’ll this moisture cream because the holiday sun has not been kind to me! Loved the post, please keep doing these!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great list of January faves. I love those highheels from ASOS – they are beaut! I got a pot of moisturiser from The Body Shop at Christmas but haven’t had the chance to try it yet; looking forward to it though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I would totally recommend !!! Thank you so much!! I’m so sorry my response is so late I’ve been a really busy bee with uni! But will return the comment in the next couple of hours xx


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