7 days left to live

I was watching a film with my mum the other night, when I went home from uni for the weekend, and we watched a film called ‘Life or Something Like It’

It stars Angelina Jolie and the main character, Lanie who seems to have life all sorted out, top job, a boyfriend and an amazing apartment has her life flipped upside down when a psychic homeless man tells her she is going to die in 7 days, amongst other things. She obviously didn’t believe him, but as the other thins started to unravel, she stopped doubting the mans predictions and looks at her life in a completely different way.

It has made me think, we don’t know how long we have left… I could die before this post is scheduled to post (but I hope I’m not posting from beyond just yet), we have no control over that aspect of our lives. And it is terrifying to think.

It has influenced me to want to start living a if each day was my last, always letting the people I come across know how grateful I am for them, not holding grudges or anger- forgiveness and loving the life and experiences I have even though that can be hard sometimes. Life is such a weird thing.

What would you do if you found out you only had 7 days left to live?

Personally, as I said, I would only spread love to the people who are important to me.

I would move reckless in that I’d tell some people what I really thought, so that the wrong people won’t be at my funeral crying and posting photos for likes 😂🤕

I would give my money to a local charity, probably one mental health based because I feel like mental health is so over looked in that sense.

I’d appreciate every and anything I come across. Because why not?!? Life is short!

I would take time to just be, to be thankful for the world I’ve been put on, for it’s beauty and perfection.

I would stop sweating the small stuff and allow life to play out it’s course – enjoying every step of the way. Every second of life I’m blessed with.

I say I would and, while I’m not sure how long I have left- and I definitely do hope it is longer than 7 days, this has made me realise how short and unpredictable life actually is! I will begin to do these things more, as if I actually do have only a couple days left to live !

What would you do if you only had 7 days left to live?

Sorry it was a-bit deep, the film just sparked something in me.

Talk later!

-Maya x


  1. I’ve more aware otfthis as I get older and have experienced first hand friends and acquaintances go through treatment for cancer. It’s so scary. You really do have to live for the moment;(

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  2. I love it when a film makes you really think and changes your perceptions. Taking stock of what’s really important in your life is a great way to re-prioritise where you put your time and energy into – that includes people too like you say!

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  3. I watched a film with Queen Latifah in it that was sort of based on the same thing except it wasn’t a psychic and it was made to be funnier. She did tell people what she thought because she thought she was going to die. She also spent most of her money on a lavish (but much deserved) travel vacation. Turns out she didn’t die but it was another movie that made you think, what if that was me? What would I do? I can’t say for sure what I would do because I don’t like to think about it but it is a very valid question to ask oneself, especially when taking into account that life is definitely short.

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