Semester two

So I came back to uni on the 7th of January, so that’s now 3 days ago! (now that’s 5 days ago! and when this posts it will be a while ago!)

When my family dropped me off I was actually filled with an unexpected sense of dread. Will I feel homesick? Will I succeed this semester? How different will life be when I finish this semester? All these unwanted questions filled my mind.

I got into my room and it was slightly untidy, cold, dusty and dim… and again I was filled with that same sense of… dread.thOS2Q1BDA

Even though I’d already done this a couple of times in my first semester, I couldn’t shake this unwanted feeling that I didn’t anticipate! I did, feel slightly homesick, it had nothing on the way my first day of semester one made me feel, but it was definitely a pang of realisation and sadness that I’d again have to part with my family.

I think a lot of people don’t really think about second semester blues, although they have passed now, and I’m so happy to be back with my uni friends. But at the time, on that first day and night back i really had a yearning for home.

But now with both exams completed, and the house hunt underway, some more set in stone plans, I am getting back into the jist of things once more!

We, my friends and I – move as a unit, we are TOO co-dependent for our own goods. But i probably wouldn’t have it any other way, because clingy is my middle name! But WE are planning to go to the gym more, eat healthier, drink more water, and improve ourselves in too many ways to count on one hand. These may sound like the typical new years resolutions, but we all want to really try it! I’m very happy to have found friends with the similar kind of lifestyle.raw

Semester two, good grades, good skin and summer are looking up, I’m very excited for what this second side of first year will bring!



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