I think my magic power is the ability to act confident even when I feel completely sick to my stomach. I seem to be really good at masking certain emotions and using confidence as a mask is something people may mistake as me actually being confident.

The deep hard truth is, I’m not as confident in myself as I may always seem! I love to give people advice about confidence as if I do the same thing, where as I’ve been trying that ‘fake it until you make it’ process since like year 8!

So I have had an interesting journey with confidence from thinking I was the sexiest beast in all the land in primary school to being CONSISTENTLY called ugly and that I looked like a boy in year’s 7 and 8, to being bullied on snapchat in year 11-12, not showing small things like my nose or ears in photos because of how self conscious I was,  all the way to body confidence issues and self harm.. Confidence is something I have always been chasing!

But over the years I think there are things I have taken from all these experiences and can apply to grow in confidence, so maybe we can do these things together?


  1. Focus on your achievements, not your failures – I no longer class the somewhat knocking events of the past as ‘failures’ because i can safely say, that although they brought me down to some of my lowest points, I’M STILL HERE TODAY. I LIVED THROUGH THAT! I’m not saying I’m glad it happened, but I can’t change the past, it has helped me to grow.  But this can be applied to any kind of achievement, that’s just my personal relevant anecdotal achievement.
  2. The fake it till you make it technique does work to a degree, so slowly but surely maybe using that and incorporating that into your everyday would be helpful.
  3. I found that throwing yourself in the deep end, and doing something completely out of your comfort zone is good for confidence building, something as simple as the move from home to uni has noticeably helped me to develop my confidence!
  4. Focus on WHO you are! We all have friends, and they all love something about us, what do you love about yourself? only focus on what you love about yourself and soon enough you’ll love every inch of yourself !
  5. Stop focussing on the future, and spend some time appreciating the here and now! We are on a rock floating around in space, it has been perfectly placed, if it were but 5cm either way human life wouldn’t be a thing!
  6. Dance like no one is watching, who is to tell you who you are and what you can do, as i just said, we are miraculously on this God given earth, for all of ONE life. WHY should we care what anyone thinks of us at the end of the day! If you wanna do something and people aren’t supportive of it, or if you want to go and dance in the rain and the people around you are judging you rather than joining you… THEY’RE NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

Talk later

-Maya x



  1. Your article truly speaks to me. As someone who is also not always full of confidence, I do understand the frustration of having to act like I am confident when I am not. However, over time, I soon realized that confidence will naturally come along when you choose to love yourself more over anything else. 🙂
    Good luck in all that you do and may you find confidence in whatever you choose to undertake 🙂

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  2. I’ve always struggled with confidence, and I’ve been up and down with it over the years. These are great tips – I find living in the present, being thankful for what I have, and appreciating my life is hugely helpful. And a healthy dose of ‘fake it til you make it’ gets you a long way!

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  3. That’s a great achievement! I have never enough confidence (at least as i think of it) but I am trying to do my best. Thinking of all my wins so far, always helps. Wonderful reading!

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  4. I agree with fake it until you make it – I find myself doing this a lot and it does get easier as time goes on. I think people would laugh at me if I said I wasn’t confident. Little do they know what is actually going on behind the smile…


  5. As someone who has always suffered severe lack of self-confidence everything you’ve said in this post rings true. I do try my best though. Maybe even one of these days my profile pic won’t be the back of my head. 😉

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