My official two week anniversary with WordPress!

So, it has officially been two weeks since I started my blog properly, and kept at it! It has been great! I have experienced a range of things over these short two weeks, from a complete writers block, to a feeling of self doubt, to an overwhelming feeling of love from the blogging community and all my friends and family! I am so happy to have started this, and I cant wait to see where WordPress and I will go!

It has taught me a lot about myself, in allowing myself this kind of creative freedom. I have learnt a lot about myself, and what I stand for and strive for in this life.

Not everything will go to plan, and things do change- one of the main things for me, was that in the beginning I was getting 30 odd views per post, and then suddenly for around 2/3 days i was getting 200-300 views per post and it was amazing for me, and I started to expect this kind of turn over with every post I got afterwards! Obviously, it was very much just wishful thinking because the posts I post now are getting a range of different views. Something that initially stressed me out and leads on to my next point

When you really want something, quitting isn’t an option, on those days I saw my blog getting little to no traffic i felt as though i had gone retracted to day one, and felt as though i may as well just give up. But something always told me to carry on and ‘write to my hearts content!’

Posting everyday is demanding! upon returning to university, I had a couple of pre written, scheduled or drafted posts that I could post if my days became too busy, and reached yesterday to realise i actually had nothing to post!!! I have decided, that although posting everyday is really rewarding and i do love it, i might limit it to 3/4 times per week, which is still quite a lot, but not as much! I’ll try and get the odd extra post out everyone once in a while!

Little things can influence you when writers block hits, from other peoples reactions to things, to the weather, to personal experiences! and that’s one thing i find amazing about having the option to blog, you really do start unconsciously paying more attention to the world around you, maybe sometimes it is just for content, but you are still paying more attention to the world and people around you regardless

I blimmin love blogging! It is sooo fun! it really is something I’m so happy to have chosen to do! It is a way to truly emphasise parts of me i don’t always know how or where to voice. A place for me  to talk about things that  may seem irrelevant or hard to place in everyday conversations!


Talk soon!

Maya x




  1. Happy two weeks. Keep up the good work! Blogging is such a reward and on the other side also very challenging. I also opt WordPress for my blog and experienced many new things during my blogging journey.

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