Exams are just… not the one for me… and they probably aren’t the one for you!

If they’re not then you’ve come to right place!

I’m now right in the middle of my semester 1 exams, first of all, why… just why would you place them AFTER the Christmas holidays.. like that’s just not fair, anyway other than that I have encountered a series of issues… and have created a list of do’s and don’t’s for you, whether you’re about to have exams, have exams in the summer or you too are in the middle of your exams.

My biggest, main problem that I face with every exam i take, from GCSE’s to these finals… is HOW THE F*** DO I REVISE?!?!? what even is revision?!?! and this is why before you even start revising, you MUST find a few revision techniques and try them out, workout which is best for you.


DO start revising early – at university, or at least at mine, they gave up the topics of the essays and tell us roughly what to revise for the multiple choice questions…. before we broke up for the Christmas holidays. I made the mistake of leaving it all until a couple of days after Christmas, and although my exam is in 3 days, I am still yet to know the material..

DO eat healthy and DO some exercise- even if it is during the exam period, a healthy body will influence a healthy mind. I have been trying my hardest to stick at this one, because it is soooo necessary!! giphyxcvbn

DON’T let stress get the better of you – From experience I can tell you loud and clear that allowing your self to sit in stress is going to get you nowhere, other than in more stress. Instead, make a plan of what you’re going to do with your remaining time, stick to it. Ensure it is in short, achievable bursts.

DO get some early nights- SLEEEEP is soo important! Even when you don’t have exams, you should devote some early mornings to some days just so you can appreciate the day at full!

DO factor in some leisure time- some time where revision is NOT on your mind, spend some time with your family, or your friends, do something different, it is sooo necessary for your sanity.


DON’T study in bed- i used to do this all the time, its not great.. you get distracted, you start laying down- it just doesn’t end up happening. The brain knows that the bed, is for sleeping. Just don’t do it, you won’t get far.

DON’T struggle alone- ASK FOR HELP, that’s what your lecturers/teachers are there for, they’d be more than happy to help you out!

DO be confident – at the end of the day, when you get to the exam hall, you have studied all you can and can only try your best. DON’T go into that exam hall fretting, because you won’t do as well, its proven that if you (even if you have to fake it until you make it) go in confident, with a positive mind set, you’ll do better- even if it is only by a few marks, but those marks could be a step into the next grade.


DO use flow charts, spider diagrams and all that jazz- it gets your creative juices flowing in your brain, and it allows you to lay out your work in a generic and simple, easy to read way.

DO use all the resources given-  from personal experience from uni, the lecturers will devote a whole lecture to exam prep containing advice and possibly even essay topics and what should go in them, which they’ll upload online for you. These are SO IMPORTANT to re-read through and have up when revising.


Other than that, just do the very best you can… you’re amazing, I believe in you! GO and combat your exams and do your very best… then when you’re done, treat yourself for all your hard work!

good louck



  1. I love a good flow chart or spider diagram. I used to use them all the time when I studied film studies because there were always sooo many topics to cover per film when doing the essay exams! I still use spider diagrams now when I’m writing big blog posts. Good luck with your exams!

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  2. I remember my study days and I was a procrastinator when it came to studying. I got better about it as I entered 4 year college but by then I had kids to take care of so studying was still a struggle. I look back and I don’t know how I did it. Best of luck to you with your exams!

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