7 ways to style a black denim skirt in winter…

So I recently invested in a black denim skirt, I feel like it’s a simple, yet staple piece that’s been missing from my wardrobe for far too long!

It was a long process, building up to buy the skirt, because I never knew what to wear it with! And obviously throughout this time, I have been ‘borrowing’ peoples outfit ideas, and attempting to make up my own! So I went and got my first black denim skirt the other day, and I opted for one from Topshop, I bought a size 8, but it turns out I’m no longer a size 8, I’m allowing myself to live a lie! but whatever, the tags off now I’ll find some way to make it fit a bit better. Also, now looking at it for the link (above) it says its a mini skirt! The more you know !

So here are seven (my fave number) ways that I thought you could style your black denim (now) mini skirt with!

Coupled with a simple white jumper(depop), obviously some tights and a cute plain, black or dark mini backpack(Bershka). This look is ideal for a walk across campus to your next lecture. (please excuse my grumpy face) This is one of my faves, and if you know me you’ll see me in this a lot.

2. With your favourite chunky, knit cardigan (this one is from my granny so I’m afraid I’m not sure where it’s from) and this burnt orange Cami top from New Look. More of an autumnal look, but autumn is my favourite time of the year so.. meh


Another warm one, this is my favourite, orange Knitted  flare split sleeve jumper from Sweaty Betty (unfortunately was in the sales, so I can’t find it online) but it was a steal. But any kind of large, warm jumper to create a warm, but still stylish look.


A cute going out look, I’ve coupled the skirt with a white lettuce trim strappy top (which again I can’t find on the website) But I know it was £6 and they have a deal on, I think it’s 3 for £12 or something like that. And my gun print clutch bag, that my amazing friend bought me, so I’m not sure where she got it from, but I know you can buy them off depop.


This is one of my favourites. I am in love with flare sleeve tops, bodysuits and jumpers! So I created my new favourite all black outfit, doesn’t everyone have a favourite one coloured outfit? But this top is from pretty little thing, it’s actually a bodysuit! It can be dresser up with some playful heels, or dressed down with some trainers.

With a striped off shoulder, wide sleeve top tucked in, you can create a cute but simple, maybe, date night outfit! (That can include dating yourself!)


Finally, any black denim skirt always needs it’s honorary pop of colour, and I think red is very suiting and very in. I also stole that phrase from my flat mate so cred to Faz! This top was from Hollister, I thought I’d treat myself after a long hard day of revision.

I also did some googling on how to stretch out a denim skirt, and not much luck, so I simply googles how to stretch out denim and I got these results:

  • get in a warm bath wearing the item (helps loosen the fibres)
  • spray the clothing item with warm water then put it on (same as above)
  • wear it a lot, by getting a lot of wear out of it, the fibres slowly adapt to the body’s shape.

But yeah, I dunno, I hope you enjoyed this post! Yesterday I made  a £30 order off of the Wish app, for those of you who don’t know what Wish is, it is an app that supposedly lets you buy things with huge discounts! I’ve ordered from there before and the quality was awful, so I’m not sure why I did it again, but upon reflection, I think it will make a good future blog post.

But Yeah!

Talk later

Maya x


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