6 books I read last year that I’d recommend

I was slacking with my reading last year, I hope to read more throughout this year, but I thought I’d make a list of the awesome books I read last year that I would really recommend reading!

IMG_0605‘The Art Of Racing in The Rain’

By Garth Stein.

This book is by far my favourite book- EVER. I went to stay with my grandparents for 4 days during the summer holidays, and my granny had been lent this book from her next door neighbour. I read this book within those four days, it was so emotional and yet at the same time funny! From the perspective of a Dog who speaks to you as the reader and tells you about what is going on with his owner and his developing family! This book is absolutely awesome, it sounds a bit strange right off the bat, but when you really get into it, putting the book down becomes so hard!

‘Rogue Lawyer’ img_0610.jpg

By John Grisham.

On reflection, I didn’t actually read this in 2017, but I read it in 2016 while on holiday in Tenerife. This book is very different to the one above, but still just as interesting as to keep me captured and able to finish it within 4 days. About Sebastian Rudd a street lawyer, who defends people who other lawyers wouldn’t think of defending. I would really suggest reading this book, as it is another one of those books you’ll struggle to put down

IMG_0609‘Child C’

By Christopher Spry.

This is an incredibly emotional, true story. It tells the story of Eunice Spry who horrendously abused her adoptive children, written by one  of her adopted children. It is honestly, amazingly written, and unbias-ly tells the story of what happened. I wouldn’t suggest anyone under 16/17 years old reads this because it is an incredibly heart-wrenching and powerful read. It is unfortunately another TRUE story of a child abuse case that should never have happened.

img_0607.jpg‘The Cross and the Switchblade’

By David Wilkerson.

As some of you may have gathered, I am a Christian, I’m Catholic and last year was the year I got confirmed. My confirmation sponsor gave me this book to read before my confirmation.  And boy oh boy, I loved it. A true story about a Christian Pastor in the United States, who works with a young gang member and his gang in New York. He encourages them to turn away from gang violence and drugs, and turn them towards Jesus. Personally, I would recommend this to anyone, but obviously if it isn’t your type of read then fair enough!

img_0608.jpg‘All The Birds, Singing’

By Evie Wyld.

I read this book for my A level English literature coursework, and I loved it! Written in an incredibly unique way, flicking between two different places and time zones, as we change chapters. Written about Jake Whyte and her beloved, very creatively named dog, Dog. A tale that is rather creepy and gruesome, dripping with grim descriptions and peculiar occurrences.

img_0611.jpg‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’

By Mitch Albom.

I started this book last year, and read it into this year! And I adore it. Written about the death of a lonely fair ground maintenance man called Eddie. Who goes into Heaven and meets five people who’s lives he had an impact on, or changed in some sort of way. I haven’t actually finished it, but I will do so after my university exams, because from the amount I have read, I LOVE IT!


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