You Should Go and Love Yourself

I devoted 2017 to myself, and getting to know me inside and out and it was the best decision I could have made, for both my wellbeing, and for the way I am as a person in this topsy-turvy world.

I must say I’m so happy with where my life is now at this point, and with who I am. there once was a time where I was so uncomfortable with myself, and that had an impact on how I interacted with people around me and how I held myself because I (for some stupid reason) valued myself as being somewhat ‘less than’ everyone else.

IMG_5989Starting in 2017 I decided that I am actually worth so much more than I perceived myself to be. I started doing things I never imagined myself doing, I decided to stop caring about the opinions of others, because at the end of the day I believe that God is my only judge, what other people think about me shouldn’t matter to me, and certainly shouldn’t affect how I hold myself.

I don’t know where I got it from, probably someone from YouTube, but I decided to ‘date myself’ (lol… yup I just said that.. I can’t believe it either) I don’t mean dating myself like I cut everyone off and wifed myself (although if that was possible, I probably would) (if not myself then food)

But I consciously made more and more time for myself each and everyday, like adding in a little extra reading time, listening to some new music, going for a walk or a run, going to the gym, up to Westminster Cathedral, or to a museum-  by myself with myself and my thoughts- to get to know me a bit more and be comfortable with myself. Obviously without isolating myself, but allowing myself some time to simply, fall in love with Maya. And that I did, and she is (I am) amazing.

I have certainly noticed a positive shift in my self confidence, I feel I can be much more independent and self serving, it certainly gave me a lot of time for introspection and so personal growth. So I must say of all the things I got out of 2017, dating myself was my most successful and reasonably humbling, for me because it really allowed me to reflect on my life and on all the deep stuff in life like how the world works.

I can safely say, while I will date others, I will always, ALWAYS go on dates with myself every now and again. IMG_9337

BUT HOW DO I DATE MYSELF MAYA? (you may be – but probably aren’t- asking)

  1. Pick a day and an activity – It could be as simple as spending a summers afternoon in a park with some nibbles and a new book, or going for a little woodland walk- get out and into nature, or somewhere new.  Don’t make other plans to over ride this, because cancelling on a date is always mean.
  2. Dress up nice – as the old saying goes dress to impress! Yes, I’m really over here telling you to dress to impress yourself! its a known fact that the nicer you feel you look, the better you feel. Get into a habit of always dressing as if you’re about to walk down a catwalk in NYFW. Impress yourself, don’t dress up for anyone but you.
  3. Have fun –  this one is the most important, and I know it seems a bit weird and loner-ish, but I promise its not, I still have all my friends, and some, afterwards (hahah). Just ease yourself into it, embrace what you’re doing and pay some attention to yourself. Have a little you time.

Talk later

Maya x



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