18 New Years Resolutions that might actually be achievable…

I don’t know about you, but I have a bad habit of coming up with huge, hopeful but basically unachievable new years resolutions… like going to the gym way too many times a week, inventing something new and become stinking rich, buying a unicorn that farts rainbows and the worst one yet, giving up chocolate.


Just why?!? Why would you do that?! Why would you even think about something so atrocious? 



If you are that person, please continue reading, but before you even begin to scroll down- go and buy a dairy milk Cadbury’s bar… please…  CHOCOLATE is proven to release endorphins and these hormones trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Chocolate literally makes you happy, why would you give it up? Your 2018 would be crap.


And now, I hope you’re prepared, chocolate bar at the ready. Here are 18 reasonable, new years resolutions for your new year, that we can try together … #squadgoals:


mero Uno: Incorporate at least one healthy food into every meal you have.

Numéro Deux: Don’t immediately sign up for a gym you probably won’t go to, instead start with doing homework outs or doing laps at your local swimming pool – build up the want to actually go to the gym. Rather than wasting money on a gym you’ll only go to for the first 3 weeks of January.

Nummer Drei: Make lists and do everything one at a time, bit by bit – stop overloading yourself and wondering how you get so stressed.

Heluʻehā:  Take some time each week to have a break from social media and your phone, even if it’s just an hour or 10 minutes, to ‘detox’, and just sit in the present moment.

Numero Viisi:  Even the smallest of lifestyle changes can help you make a start in saving up more money. Charity shops contain some crazy steals, nice brands and unique one off pieces for so much cheaper than in retail. Or if you’re an avid coffee/tea person, invest in one of those flask mug things and take your own in to work/school/uni.

*gives up with foreign languages*

Six: Wanting to get more organised? Don’t just say you’re going to get organised, buy a planner, poundland has them so you hardly need to scrape up a lot of cash, and ACTUALLY get organised.

Seven: Have your annual clear out, go on. But don’t throw anything away, give it to your local charity, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Eight: Stop being all talk and no do. Don’t say you want to find a new hobby and then do nothing about it until the 31st of December 2018. Find one, sign yourself up to a course, buy a bike, buy those roller blades. Get active with what you say this year.

Nine: Become more confident, do things outside of your comfort zone. It could be the tiniest of things like wearing a bright lip colour or something huge like sky diving. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will in turn, result in more confidence.

Ten: Read more. According to google, it takes roughly 66 days for something to become a habit – That’s roughly 2 months. Set yourself a goal to read so many books in those first 2 months, and it should soon just become a part of your life.

Eleven: Volunteer and give more to others.

Twelve: Learn to cook a new dish every now and again- it will be valuable for your future, and just generally a good skill.

Thirteen: Why not try to conquer a fear. There are some obvious fears you won’t be able to conquer fully such as a fear of death or the unknown, but maybe other lighter fears like a fear of the dark.

Fourteen: Call people more, let them know you’re thinking of them and missing them.

Fifteen: Get out in nature more, go for a walk in the woods or your local park. Breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the world you live in.

Sixteen: The obvious, drink more water. Invest in a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with you, obviously filled with water, and sip at it throughout the day.

Seventeen: Don’t dwell in the past, it has happened and it helped us become who we are today, but dwelling on certain aspects of it is only unhealthy.

Eighteen: If you can’t do all of your resolutions at once, do them one at a time. Try and make one small change a month for the rest of the year and be consistent with it.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this and couldn’t agree more! I see people always set unattainable goals for themselves, YES like giving up chocolate! (CRAZY!) You give some good ideas for goals. I am definitely going to try the getting outside more thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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