8 Reasons why you should embrace your inner weirdo…

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 21.29.47

1.  What makes you ‘weird’ is your magical power…This world needs some magical people, the magical people are those who embrace their inner weirdo and let them shine through. Your magical power is your unique persona, that differs from everyone else. Rather than keeping it a secret, pull our your spell book and show everyone what you are made of.
  2. It will you the biggest boost in confidence… If you are a shy weirdo, quite like I used to be, one thing I have to say to you is; stop holding back your awesomness, it may not be the easiest thing to do initially, but after a while it will just feel so natural, to stand out and be abit odd, I personally stared small and let the me who’s head is always in cookie land the fairys come out into the real world abit more. The funny thing is, that the small starting point was as small as wearing bright red lipstick to school one day.  Nobody can make you feel inferioir unless you give them consent.
 3. you can sing all you like, as crazily as you like, whenever you like… I know that by embracing my inner wierdo i actually began to find out a little bit more about myself, and being able to do what my inner weirdo and self do, such as spontaneously break into song despite my terrible voice at times, made me the world more comfortable with myself. You can show off all of your dimensions.
 4. why live a boring life when you know that part of you wants to come out and show the world who you really are…that one explains itself really.
 5. the most obvious… normal is boring
6.standing out is way funner and better than sticking with the crowd…use your weirdness, to inspire others to embrace themselves, because there’s power in being quirky and looking silly and not caring what people think.
7. theres no other human on this earth thats just like you…so you shouldnt act like everybody else, don’t fit in with the norm, be your own person. You were brought onto this earth for a reason, and that reason is not to be like everyone else.
8. just do it… you are awesome anyway, why not make your awesome even more awesome. Embrace your inner unicorn, your inner fairy or even your inner donut and do what feels right for you, not what society deems as right (as long as it is legal)



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